D.E.F. Seminar 2021

Dear Colleagues,
Dear Friends,

Due to the Covid 19 epidemic situation, it seemed to us still uncertain to maintain in good conditions our next DEF seminar dedicated to “Vascular Wall, Angiogenesis and Related Disorders” that we wanted initially to organize in Hôpital FOCH on September 14-15, 2020, and that we had placed secondarily on May 3-4, 2021.

We have therefore postponed it again and have chosen a late date with the hope that the sanitary situation will be mastered properly by then.
The new dates will be October 25-26, 2021: same programme, same speakers, and we hope the same interest and enthusiasm of all participants as during the previous seminars. We thank all the faculty members for having accepted without any hesitation to accept these changes in order to be part of this new adventure. Registrations remain open under the same conditions.

We apologize for these ongoing changes but they seemed to us necessary if we want to keep this meeting as a presential one. We hope that you will understand this, as we think that we are all eagerly expecting to meet again for proper non-virtual exchanges!
We look forward to welcoming you next fall in Paris for other thrilling moments in safe conditions.

Take good care of yourself and please remain safe.

Very sincerely yours,

Georges RODESCH, Suresnes
Serge BRACARD, Nancy
Michael SÖDERMAN, Stockholm